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What have I been up to?

11 Jun 2022
10 Jun 2022
29 May 2022
29 May 2022
28 May 2022

2022-05-28 Golf Outing

Shot this golf outing for a friend.
27 May 2022

2022-05-27 Tattoo

Tattoos by Prestegard
25 May 2022
24 May 2022

2022-05-24 Skatepark Meeting with City Council

Met with city council to discuss our shared visions for the "tired" 20+ year-old skatepark in my hometown of Meadville, PA
20 May 2022

Conversations With David Foster Wallace

figure out how fiction can engage a reader, much of whose sensibility has been formed by pop culture, without simply becoming more shit in the pop culture machine.
07 May 2022
07 May 2022

2022-04 SF Soma West Skatepark

I visited SF to meet co-workers for the first time since the pandemic. I love adventuring alone in new places, finding subjects for my photography. Skateparks have been a recent subject and while I was there, I was practicing olling.
07 May 2022

NixOS Firecracker VM

I've been playing with Firecracker VMs for a bit now and have become my primary means for PoCing things. And I've been wanting to switch to NixOS, but haven't had the time to move my primary machine.
13 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022


At 27, I've started skating for the first time in my life. I've never snowboarded or surfed.
05 Apr 2022

White Noise

Breathe, don't think.
20 Feb 2022
20 Feb 2022
14 Feb 2022

Homo Deus

Given our past record and our current values, we are likely to reach out for bliss, divinity and immortality – even if it kills us.
13 Feb 2022

2022-02 Yoga

Meghan's first time teaching a yoga class!
06 Feb 2022

Barn Window B&W

A frosted window
06 Feb 2022

White Barn B&W

A white-on-white barn.
06 Feb 2022
06 Feb 2022

Barn Windows B&W

A textured barn.
30 Jan 2022

The Broom of the System

We are helpless and inefficacious as parts of a system until we recognize the existence of the system.
18 Jan 2022

Photography Influences

The folks who inspire me.
15 Jan 2022

Photography Journey

Describes my journey from not knowing which first camera to buy and not knowing how to use autofocus to purchasing a 35mm film camera with no light meter.
11 Jan 2022
11 Jan 2022
11 Jan 2022
11 Jan 2022
11 Jan 2022

Presque Isle Perspective

Testing how lens focal length affects perspective.
11 Jan 2022
11 Jan 2022
07 Jan 2022

How I Read

A tradeoff between effeciency, effectiveness and enjoyment. My process prioritizes effeciency of "re-reads" or referring to where I learned something and less about reading most efficiently.
06 Jan 2022


Brief, surface-level overview of the history and advancement of Homo Sapiens. Personally, I enjoyed the second half of the book more than the first.
07 Dec 2021


"If you bring forth what is in you, what is in you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is in you, what is in you will destroy you."
07 Oct 2021

Early 35mm Film

Some early rolls of my 35mm film that I developed at home.
08 Aug 2021

Enlightenment Now

"Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory."."In some ways the world has become less equal, but in more ways the world’s people have become better off." "...progress is not utopia" "…political tribalism is the most insidious form of irrationality today..."
16 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021

Gravitys Rainbow

I didn't finish this book. The time wasn't right.
22 Mar 2021

Team Topologies

Team Topologies highlights human limitations regarding cognitive load and how this affects both system and organizational design. "Team-first thinking" is introduced as a foundational principle and is enabled via four fundamental team topologies -- stream-aligned, platform, enabling and complicated subsystem -- and three accompanying "interaction modes" — X-as-a-Service, facilitating and collaborating. It is acknowledged that proper team topologies should be dynamic and evolve — not be blatantly copied — alongside the company and won't be as successful if the local and wider company culture is lacking in areas such as trust, emotional safety, vision, funding and abiding to industry best practices.
11 Mar 2021

Crying of Lot 49

Crying of Lot 49 tells a story of the power and vulnerability of our minds. An already paranoid woman looking for an escape becomes obsessed with and trapped by a conspiracy theory about an underground postal carrier. She continues to journey deep into seamless conspiracy.
22 Feb 2021

Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest takes you on a challenging, type-2-fun, mental journey through the lives of a handful key individuals as they reflect on their pasts — mostly tough upbringings — and all-time-lows. Zooming out, a main theme is "addiction", but really more generally, dedicating our lives to something, either by choice or not — whether it be religion, sports, drugs, or work — and often struggling alone. This isolated dedication numbs us from the difficulties of life; we often latch tighter on to our addictions rather than have difficult conversations and listen and feel for others who are struggling around us.
14 Feb 2021


Chelsea Market NYC
30 Jan 2021
30 Jan 2021
17 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021

My name is Chubbin. I always good boy.

Our cat Chubbin. He's never bad bod. Always good boy.
23 Dec 2020

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

Kamal talks about how he felt worthless after his company folded. It wasn't until his life was reduced to telling himself all day every day to "love himself" that he began to have positive feelings for himself. Basically, a story of "blind faith".