1. Take photos

  2. (Optional) “Star” a photo on the camera

  3. Import to Lightroom/Capture One on iPad via an SD-card dongle

  4. “Star” photos

  5. Filter and delete unstarred photos

  6. Apply minor edits (I hate editing, so I try to shoot so I don’t have to edit)

    • Fix exposure
    • Usually white balance of 5700 kelvin.
    • Minor cropping
  7. Export from Lightroom/Capture One on iPad to external SSD

    • (Critical step) should be stored as YYYY/MM/DD-something
  8. Mount the external SSD to my Linux box (Intel NUC)

  9. gsutil -m rsync -r /mnt/photos/YYYY/MM/ gs://images.mccurdyc.dev/images/YYYY/MM/

  10. hugo new photos YYYY-MM-DD-something.md

  11. make deploy