TL;DR - Joshua K. Jackson

I recently signed up for an app called Vero after seeing Peter McKinnon post about it quite a bit recently. Why Vero? Well, because I don’t want to sign up for Instagram for a few reasons:

  1. It’s owned by Meta (Facebook)
  2. Their focus has shifted from a place for photographers to short-form video, etc.
  3. The algorithm, the ads, etc.

Honestly, upon signing up for Vero, it was pretty boring. It was hard to find who to follow. I started with Peter and got bored quickly because the app doesn’t push random people or posts into your feed. Other than Peter’s couple posts per week, there wasn’t much else to look at. The network effect hasn’t occurred even though they have millions of users — which is no where close to Instgram or Facebook’s hundreds of millions or billions. I really wanted to like Vero, so I started actively digging to find people to follow. I dug through Peter’s followers and following and their followers and following and discovered quite a few folks who’s work I really enjoyed and made my feed inspiring. But, none of these folks’ work struck me as much as Joshua K. Jackson’s. This dude’s work is incredible. He’s also been featured on Sean Tucker’s YouTube channel a few times, but this video and this timestamp, in particular, is why I love Joshua’s work.

And one of the most inspiring things is that he’s only been doing street photography for a couple years. At 8:42 seconds in the video, Joshua talks about what defines his style, namely “The Curiosity Gap”.